FAQ: Machine of Death: The Game of Creative Assassination
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Is this the same as the MOD card tins you’ve offered previously?

No, this is something all-new! When we first offered death card sets, we invented some simple games you could play with them -- MOD-specific adaptations of games like Apples to Apples and Pictionary. (And in fact, those games’ rules are included in our manual as BONUS GAMES you can play with the same cards!) But this game is more elaborate, and has a lot of new cards and game mechanics. Those might be considered “some Machine of Death games.” This is The Official Machine of Death Game. Last updated: Thu, Feb 14 2013 5:20 pm EST

What if I already have some of those card tins?

Good news! They’re compatible with this game. In fact you’ve unknowingly acquired expansion packs to this game BEFORE THE GAME EVEN EXISTED. Nice move, you!! The cards are a slightly different size, but you can totally use them with this game. We give some tips for best results in the game manual. We've now also made the older sets available as Add-On expansion packs – we'll be reprinting them to match the size of the new game cards! You can specify whether you want the old ones (in the tins) or new ones (slightly bigger cards that match the game, but no tins, because they won't fit). Last updated: Mon, Feb 18 2013 3:57 am EST

Will the game be available after the Kickstarter?

Yes! It’ll be available for sale in our TopatoCo store, and at any conventions we attend. But if you can, pledging to the Kickstarter is the better deal – you’ll save money on shipping, you’ll get it sooner, and you’ll automatically qualify for any bonus extras that we offer. But if you miss it, no sweat! Once it's manufactured and all the backers get their copies, we’ll make the game available for regular sale. If you just want to get the base game now to see if you like it, and hold off on the expansion packs, that's fine! The expansion packs will likely be available for retail sale later. But they'll probably be more expensive than they are here, and the Webcomics Pals in particular will certainly not come free like they do with Kickstarter orders. You'd have to buy them separately. So the quick answer is yes, you'll be able to get them, but getting them now through the Kickstarter is a better deal. Last updated: Sat, Feb 23 2013 1:13 am EST

How many players is the game intended for?

It's designed for 2-6 players! You can go up to 8, but it gets a tiny bit unwieldy. Last updated: Thu, Feb 14 2013 5:58 pm EST

How do I give you my mailing address or other information?

Go ahead and pledge now, and we’ll send you a questionnaire later on, once the games are ready to ship! This ensures that we’ll get the most current address for you – so if you’re going to move soon or be at a different address, no sweat, we’ll be sure to get the most recent info before shipping. Last updated: Mon, Feb 18 2013 3:57 am EST

When it says "anything from PILED ON that you like," can that mean EVERYTHING?

Yup! I just phrased it that way in case some people don't necessarily want absolutely everything (for whatever reason!). Last updated: Tue, Feb 19 2013 8:03 pm EST

If I choose INFAMY or TYCOON, will you give me a list of the existing deaths so I can choose a new one?

Yes, absolutely! Last updated: Tue, Feb 19 2013 8:03 pm EST

Will everybody at all pledge tiers get all the extra stretch goal cards?

Everyone pledging at a digital tier (JUST THE TIP; ELECTROCUTED; VOLTAGE) will get print-n-play PDF versions of the Webcomics Pals stretch goal cards. Everyone pledging at a physical tier (GOT PLAYED and up) will get the printed stretch goal cards added to their shipment. Last updated: Thu, Mar 14 2013 2:54 am EDT

How many cards come in the base game? And in the stretch goals?

The base game comes with 100 death cards, 70+ Black Market Gift Cards, 36 Specialist cards, and we've now added 20 blank cards (of all types). Plus, backers will be adding another 100 or so. So, about 300 cards in the base game. On top of that, pledgers to INFAMY, TYCOON, and FROM ABOVE will be creating at least 75 more cards that'll be added to the base game – they'll be in there forever and ever. On top of THAT, the Webcomics Pals stretch goal cards will go to Kickstarter pledgers – not as part of the base game, but as a separate deck included in your shipment. These will NOT be added to the base game, so if you want them after the Kickstarter, you'll have to buy them separately. These will end up being about 4-10 cards per artist. On top of THAT, there are additional death cards available via our Add-On page or through the SIDECAR tier: 6 sets of 50 cards each, for 300 more total. On top of THAT???...WE'LL JUST HAVE TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS Last updated: Thu, Mar 14 2013 2:54 am EDT

Who helped you with that HOT VIDEO??

Lots of friends! It was shot and edited by Michael Mohan http://michaelmohan.com Music is by Hrishikesh Hirway http://theoneamradio.com Opening narration is by Brett Donnelly http://www.brettstuff.com Opening animation is by Grant Aldritch http://vimeo.com/grantaldrich Special thanks to Sean Casey at M.i.'s Westside Comedy Theater http://westsidecomedy.com And featuring the faces & voices of Ryan North, Jordan Morris, & Nika Harper Box design courtesy of the U.S. Postal Service Last updated: Thu, Feb 14 2013 6:10 pm EST

What makes you so great

Aw, I’m just a reg'lar guy trying my best. Last updated: Mon, Feb 18 2013 3:57 am EST

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